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  • Venice Carnival

    Venice Carnival

    Venice Carnival or Carnevale di Venezia is a 2 week annual festival held in Venice, Italy.It ends four days before Easter. The festival is best known for the elaborate masks. No other place like Venice with an even that’s one of a kind. You should go for the history and romance that is all around the city especially when Valentines Day is near. There are so many people dressed up from head to toe in amazing outfits. You can explore the city’s alleys, take a gondola ride through the canals, even stop by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and see pieces by Picasso and Kandinsky.  When you get hungry Harry’s Bar is a famous place by the Rialto Bridge that is a must to go to. By far just walking around St. Mark’s Square where you can admire Byzantine basilica. Venice is one of a kind and the Carnival brings that out 10 folds.