Top 10 things I’ve learned from Traveling

1. Take Time to People Watch – At first I never quite understood why people would sit and watch people. One trip it clicked for me. I took a break and sat down at a park and since I was by myself I began to people watch. It slows your mind down and you start to really understand the people around you. You’ll learn to appreciate life in front of you.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask – From asking a local about a great restaurant to something they think you should do or see.

3. Go with your Gut – If you should be in an area or if you feel safe.

4. Be friendly – It can open doors for you and make the trip a positive one. It also helps with anyone that might have an opinion of your country that’s not the best.

5. Always have pain reliever – Pain can pop up and you don’t want it to stop you.

6. ALWAYS have an anti-acid – If you’re like me, you’ll want to try different kinds of food while on the trip.

7. Get Lost – You’ll find things you didn’t think you could. I found a shop with my name because I got lost. The owner told me a story about the name we shared.

8. Be Open Minded – Don’t judge other cultures and lifestyles because they’re different from your own. If you look with an open mind you’ll see something great and get a better understanding of the people.

9. Have Earplugs – You never know when you’ll run into a crying baby or loud people outside while you’re trying to sleep.

10. The Biggest is to NOT BE AFRAID – There are some people out there in the world that you shouldn’t trust, but for the most part people are kind and friendly.