Top Reasons Why You Should Elope On A Weekday

Visiting national parks, beautiful locations, and places of interest on weekdays! If reading this makes you roll your eyes in surprise, let me tell you why I’m game for it. For starters, I get to avoid the crowds. Hahaha… Yes, as a photographer, not having to struggle to get those perfect portraits of my couples is such a relief – and quite a boon. I can allow myself to soak in the vibes of the location at my own pace without feeling rushed or having to wait in serpentine lines. My memories of these weekday visits are also much more pleasant, and the photographs I take feel less cluttered – all thanks to the absence of swarms of people crowding the backgrounds and the streets where the shoots take place. For example, Yosemite on a summer weekend has such large crowds that it takes forever to get to a place, and you can never find a parking spot. It feels like being in a city. But on a weekday, things are much calmer, and you don’t have to play musical chairs for finding a parking space or doing your shoot! Just find the space of your liking and enjoy nature and your surroundings without being interrupted. This is also true for many cities that are beautiful for elopements, such as San Francisco or Paris. On weekends, they are bustling with tourists and overly crowded. Only on a weekday can you find the time and space to truly explore their lanes and alleys. And, that’s one big reason why I encourage my couples to plan a weekday elopement. Not just this, there are many other reasons and advantages to eloping on a weekday. What are those? I’ve shared them all for you here to read, absorb, and take a call for your special day.

Why Weekdays Are Best For Elopements

1. Cut The Clutter

My top reason for rooting for a weekday elopement is having fewer people around. If you plan your elopement on a weekday, it will be easier for you to reach the spot where you want to shoot or have your ceremony and enjoy the day better. Fewer crowds mean fewer photobombers or people staring at you while you are having a moment with your partner.

2. More Vendors Options To Choose From

Weekends are usually busy for vendors in the wedding business. But, if you choose a weekday for your elopement, you could find more options to select from, and booking them could be an easier process as it might considerably bring down the hassle of you having to adjust your dates according to the availability of vendors. This will, in a way, give you more control over your elopement date, season, and location.

3. Better Permit Availability For Parks And Venues

This had to be on my list! With these amazing locations clocking more footfalls on weekends, parks and other such places of interest could easily reach the cap on the number of permits that can be distributed for a particular day. This would make it difficult for you and even me, the photographer, to get a weekend permit for a particular place. The situation is usually a lot better on weekdays.

4. Don’t Have To Deal With Crazy Traffic

With so many people traveling for weekend chores, short trips, and other stuff all day round, traffic woes can be maddening on weekends. And parking could be a bigger problem on these days, and those hiking trails where you wanted to get photographed could also be teeming with people. What’s more, even the eating joints at these locations and public convenience points could already be running to their full capacity on such busy days, again adding to your wait time.

5. Get That Airbnb Of Your Choice

Finding the right Airbnbs or hotels with more availability can be quite a task. But, if you look for some cute ones for a weekday, there is a higher possibility of them being available for booking. If you do this well in advance, it would be easier for you to get the venue of your dreams booked for your big day.

6. Could Reduce Costs

Many wedding vendors and general shops hike their prices during weekends or a specific season of the year owing to heavier footfall and greater demand. That’s why choosing a weekday during a not-so-expensive time of a season could be a smart move if you want to watch your finances.

7. Extended Weekends For More Fun

If you decide to elope on a Friday or a Monday, not only could you get all the benefits of a weekday elopement but also have the weekend at hand to enjoy more time with your close ones or spend quality time with your partner. You wouldn’t have to rush it all to get back to work and would be able to experience the whole elopement as a fun trip. Moreover, if you are up for it, you can also plan a mini-honeymoon or just decide to cuddle up watching movies at home.

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Weekday elopements can be economical, relaxing, and fun. However, I do understand it might not always be possible for you to plan your elopement on a weekday. If you’re doing it during the weekend, that’s okay! Just chalk out a plan, summarize all the points you and your partner have in mind, and book vendors ahead of time to avoid any last-moment stress.

If you or someone you know is looking for a wholesome elopement photography experience, you can contact me! In case you have any questions, you can drop me an email. We can also discuss your photography vision and plan to give shape your ideas and inspiration and get you the photos of your dreams! If you want to see more of my work, you can check out my Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.


I exclusively try to hike during the weekdays for this reason! All of the privacy that comes with it, really makes it feel like the trails are yours! Thanks for sharing!

Oh yes! Weekdays is the best way to go for busy adventure season for sure! Beautiful work!

Right! I think so too. Thanks so much.

Eloping on the weekday is WHERE IT’S AT! Such great advice for couples planning their elopements, especially in busy California!

I’m right with you. California can be a crazy place. I know certain parks are at the top of everyone’s list and when the weather is nice and everyone is off work it can get crazy.

I 100% agree! These are all great reasons to elope on a weekday! It’s definitely the best choice for everyone involved!

Thank you, Sierra. I love the idea of couples getting to have a little more time off for it too.

I love this! Honestly, getting married on the weekend is everyone’s go to, but this guide definitely helped me understand why week days are where it’s at.

That’s awesome. I’m so glad it is helpful. Thank you Diana.

Such an informative guide for eloping on a weekday! I don’t think some people realize just how much of an impact a weekday versus the weekend can make in their day, but its so important to consider all the options!

I completely agree. It can really change the day for the better and help with distressing the day.

This is a really thorough roundup of the best reasons to elope on a weekday! Each one makes perfect sense, well done!

Thanks so much. That’s great to hear.

Omg such good tips for couples planning their elopements! Weekday elopements really are the best and i love how clearly you laid that out in your article!

Thanks a ton! Happy to hear this.

These images are absolutely stunning. I love how you captured the couples in the landscape.

Thank you, Shauna. I really appreciate that.

Thank you so much, I hadn’t thought of any of these points! Especially love the thought of getting married on a Thursday or Friday and also having the weekend to enjoy. Your photos are absolutely stunning too 😍

You’re welcome. That’s my favorite tip for my clients. I think they deserve to have more time to enjoy the experience so why not make it a trip full of memories. Aw, Thank you so much.