Top 5 Best Places to Elope in Tahoe Area

Top 5 Best Places to Elope in Lake Tahoe | Why eloping in Tahoe should be looked at:

Without a doubt, Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes. With an epic forest of pine trees, sparkling blue water, and an endless number of perfect spots to choose from, Tahoe makes for the perfect place to elope.

Mixed race couple enjoying the view of North Lake Tahoe on a sunny summer day.

What to consider when planning an elopement

Before we dive into the best places to elope in Lake Tahoe, there are certain things that you need to consider as a newly engaged couple. 

The Best Views To Elope Can Be Located on CA or NV Side

The Lake straddles the state borders of California and Nevada. Because of this, part of the lake is in California, and part of it is in Nevada.  You will need to know this to prepare the right legal paperwork, to avoid your ceremony being invalid. 

Best Season for a Lake Tahoe elopement

It is best to avoid summer since this happens to be a favorite destination for those who seek an outdoor experience in the warmer months. If you are planning to have a summer Lake Tahoe elopement, make sure that you plan ahead, booking your permits and location well ahead of time. Also, plan your day around the fact that there will be crowds.

The best times to elope in Tahoe are from March-May and September-November. During these times the weather is usually very nice and the crowds are much smaller.

If you love the snow, you can even plan to have your special day in the winter season. Lake Tahoe looks so magical when its surroundings are covered with snow. 

Post Lake Tahoe Elopement Activities

You should think about the things that you can do after your ceremony during the process of planning elopement details. This includes skiing, swimming, golfing, or for a more city vibe- shopping, dining, and enjoying the nightlife. 

Best Tahoe Elopement Locations

Think about the Lake Tahoe backdrops you would like, and consider locations with the best views for your elopement. That way your Tahoe photographer will be able to capture your moments in an extraordinary way for you to cherish forever. 


For engaged couples who love adventure and hiking, this 6.8 mile adventure is for you. Besides the added experience, the incredible views the trail offers along the way make it one of the best. The return route showing the beauty of the lake makes it the perfect spot to elope in Tahoe.


This quiet beach location can be found on the sandy shore of Lake Tahoe. You can have an intimate ceremony on this beach camp surrounded by pine trees then proceed with a short hike via Lam Watah Nature Trail which is 2.8 miles. What I love about this is that this trail is a great place for sunsets. 


This location is perfect at sunrise for a more intimate elopement. Besides being unique, having your ceremony on top of Cave Rock, you get to enjoy a commanding view of Nevada and California. Just make sure that you don’t exceed 5 people during your ceremony at the summit. 


Among all the Tahoe elopement locations, D.L. Bliss State Park is by far the most versatile of them all. It can easily be used as part of a laid-back ceremony or something more adventurous, depending on your preferred style. 


This place provides you with a view of the charming little island in the middle of the lake. You can opt to have your ceremony here with the trees and the great snow-capped mountains surrounding you. Emerald Bay is one of the top spots people think of when they picture Lake Tahoe.

Have a Tahoe Photographer on Your Elopement

What’s better than having someone document your elopement experience for you? A photographer that knows how to guide you as well when you elope in Tahoe! I’ve created a complete Lake Tahoe elopement guide that can help you realize this dream wedding vision. 


Can I just say how much I adore Tahoe Area….so so many timeless places to adventure…ah..cannot wait to go back!

This is so helpful! I’ve never been to Tahoe, but it’s on our list! Thanks for sharing this.

This is such a helpful post, thank you! I had no idea Tahoe was in both California and Nevada. A winter snowy wedding in Lake Tahoe sounds like a dream!

Lake Tahoe is such a stunning location. It has so much to offer for everyone from couples to families! I definitely agree, going during the off-season when crowds are thinner is a much nicer way to experience the water.

Tahoe is so lovely, and a very cool place to elope (as long as you hike a ways and/or avoid the summer, as you mentioned!).

Yeahhhhh. The summers and holidays get crowded. If you avoid those times it really helps enjoy your time more.

I’ve still never been to Tahoe and it looks like such a dream! Anyone who gets married there is so lucky. This post is so helpful and informational!

Thanks so much. I agree they’re so lucky from all the locations to the seasons. It’s a great area to get married.

These places all sound so magical! I would love to visit Lake Tahoe some day – and get some photos taken!!

I’m so glad. It can’t disappoint. There’s something there for everyone.

Tahoe is such a special place, and you did a great job providing such helpful information! I love the locations you recommended for a Tahoe elopement!

Thanks so much Jessi. There’s a ton of places I had to set a limit or it would be a college term paper. I glad it was helpful.

Thanks so much for that feedback. It’s greatly appreciated.